LOOK: Slimy Green Algae Blanketing Boracay Beach a Sign of Pollution

Tourists visiting Boracay this month were quite disappointed after seeing thick mats of slimy green algae strewn on its famous white sand.

Some visitors decided to refrain from swimming to its blue green waters and even force some  to leave the once paradisiacal spot in the heart of the country. 

"...so first time ko, isang beses lang ako naligo. Hindi na ako bumalik. Personally, tingin ko lang, madumi," a tourist shared. 

Apparently, algal bloom is an annual phenomenon between January and March that usually disappears on summertime, local residents said. 

Scientists, however, affirms that growth of green algae is a sign of pollution on water bodies. 

Algae, apparently thrives on waste materials such as human feces and other residues. 

They added that algal blooms, in the case of the world's famous beach, could be attributed to discharge of "untreated waste" nearby. 

Source: GMA
Image: My Boracay Guide

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